What makes Fawkham special?

As part of updating the Local Plan, Sevenoaks District Council are asking people to fill in a survey about what makes their area special. Those of us who live in Fawkham know it’s a special place, so we should let Sevenoaks District Council know that too!
This will form part of their study looking at the “character” of the District – its history, landscape, people, places, streets and buildings. SDC say, “We need residents to help us better understand how the local area is viewed. As well as your thoughts on where you live and spend your time, we also want to know your favourite memories of the District”.
One of the questions asks you to send photos of Fawkham to show what’s special about it, so here are some photos to start things off.
The survey runs till 8th November and can be found here:…/3f88b252cc88458c919df067…
The survey is only available online so if you or someone you know would like some help completing it, then please get in touch: or 07503 651138.
Thank you,
Fawkham Parish Council
St Mary's church among the trees
St Mary’s church and Churchdown Wood
trees and what covered field
Forty Acres from Church Down
farmed fields and distant view with blue sky
View looking north along Fawkham valley from Speedgate