Lorry Watch

Lorry Watch

Lorry watch sign
Sign attached to posts at both ends of the village

Following concerns expressed in the village survey over the use of Valley Road by lorries, the Parish Council set up a Lorry Watch scheme in 2019, with the support of Kent County Council. 

Valley Road has a 7.5T weight restriction, except for access. This means lorries over 7.5T should only use the road if they are collecting from, or delivering to, an address on the road itself, rather than using it as a route to another destination.

Under the Lorry Watch scheme, volunteers undertake watches for an hour or so at a time, and note details of HGVs which use the road. The business/operator is then contacted to verify whether the use of Valley Road was appropriate. If the same company is reported to be using the road inappropriately twice, then Kent Police may be requested to take action. 

We need people to volunteer to help with this, so please contact us if you would be interested joining the Lorry Watch team.

The Parish Council also been liaised with a local recycling company and are pleased to report the company has taken steps which have successfully reduced the number of their skip lorries which use Valley Road. 

We have also worked with Kent County Council Highways to improve the weight limit signage at the southern end of the road (Brands Hatch) and at the junction of Scratchers Lane with the A20.

roadside sign advising of weight limit ahead
One of the new road signs for Valley Road when approaching from Scratchers Lane and the A20

For more information regarding how KCC aims to address concerns over the movement of freight both through and within Kent, please see KCC’s Freight Action Plan.