Steering Group

Steering Group

The Fawkham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group is project managing the preparation of the Plan. Its current and former members are:

Laura Evans (current Parish Council member)

James Cherry (current Parish Council member)

Laura Marchant

David Mansfield

Natalie Fox

Duncan Harker

Lawrence Moss

Lucie Sleeman

Kirsty Paterson

Alun Evans

Laura Evans has been elected Chair. Laura Marchant has been appointed Secretary. The Treasurer role will be undertaken by the Parish Clerk.

For details of what the Steering Group does and how it works, please read the Terms of Reference. There are also members of Working Groups who are looking into specific aspects of the Neighbourhood Plan. Please do contact us if you would like to get involved.

Meeting will be held approximately every two months or more often if required. Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting, unless a closed session is being held. Please see section 6 of the Terms of Reference for more details.

Agendas and Minutes of the Steering Group meetings are posted onto this website once approved at the next meeting:

Agenda Meeting 14: April 2024

Minutes Meeting 13: September 2023

Agenda Meeting 13: September 2023

Minutes Meeting 12: May 2023

Agenda Meeting 12: May 2023

Minutes Meeting 11: March 2023

Agenda meeting 11: March 2023

Minutes meeting 10: February 2023

Agenda meeting 10: February 2023

Minutes meeting 9: September 2022

Agenda meeting 9: September 2022

Minutes meeting 8: June 2022

Agenda meeting 8: June 2022 – please note change of time to 8pm

Minutes meeting 7: March 2022

Agenda meeting 7: March 2022

Minutes meeting 6: January 2022

Agenda meeting 6: January 2022

Minutes meeting 5: November 2021

Agenda meeting 5: November 2021

Minutes meeting 4: August 2021

Agenda meeting 4: August 2021

Minutes meeting 3: June 2021

Agenda meeting 3: June 2021

Minutes meeting 2: April 2021

Agenda meeting 2: April 2021

Agenda meeting 1: February 2021

Minutes meeting 1: February 2021