Other Documents

Other Documents

This is the draft version of the Neighbourhood Plan which was consulted upon in the summer of 2023 at exhibitions held in the village hall and via a questionnaire which was completed by 73 people, 68 of whom were residents: Draft Regulation 14 Fawkham Neighbourhood Plan.

This is now superseded by the Regulation 15 version, which can be found on the Key Documents page.

Summary of the Neighbourhood Plan documents:

Questionnaire:  Link to online version:Fawkham Neighbourhood Plan questionnaire – NOW CLOSED

PDF version to print and complete by hand: questionnaire to print NOW CLOSED

Regulation 14 Evidence Reports – these are the versions consulted upon during summer 2023, now superseded by the Regulation 15 versions, which can be found on the Key Documents page:

Biodiversity Assets

Community Facilities

Dark Skies

Fawkham Parish Landscape Character Assessment

Flooding and Water Quality

Heritage Assets

Appendix 2 Baldwins Green Conservation Area Appraisal


Housing Appendix 4a Survey Covering Letter

Housing Appendix 4b Local Housing Needs Survey

Housing Appendix 5 Housing Needs Report

Informal Outdoor Recreation

Indoor Leisure Facilities

Local Economy

Local Economy Business Survey

Open Space

Open Space Appendix 1 Sites Summary

Open Space Appendix 2 Site Maps

Open Space Appendix 3 Assessment Audits



Other documents:

Neighbourhood Plan Privacy Policy

Fawkham Nature Spotters Privacy Policy

First Neighbourhood Plan leaflet November 2020

Second Neighbourhood Plan leaflet January 2022

Third Neighbourhood Plan leaflet June 2023