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We are lucky in Fawkham to have many footpaths which provide for some beautiful walks. We have 5.87 miles or 9.44km of public rights of way within the Parish (with several of these footpaths extending further beyond the parish boundary). These can all be seen on this Map showing the Public Rights of Way in Fawkham.

Many people mentioned in a village survey of 2019 that they enjoy walking the footpaths in and around Fawkham, although some weren’t certain where the best walks were.  So the Parish Council thought it would be good to organise some group walks, where people can meet other villagers and explore different parts of the village, in different seasons.

The first Village Walk was held on March 2020, when around 18 villagers, and half a dozen dogs, met up for a walk. This circular walk started at the church and explored Churchdown Woods, a Local Wildlife Site, where wood anemones were flowering and bluebell shoots were on their way, and other Fawkham woods. Many of the walkers commented that they had not walked this route before and it was “good to see the village from a different viewpoint”.
The route taken is shown below. Further village walks will be held and publicised here and on the Fawkham Community Facebook Group.
This online map of footpaths shows all the local footpaths in a good level of detail.
Walk 1: Churchdown Woods
Churchdown Wood is a Local Wildlife Site and is mostly ancient woodland. Bluebells, wood anemones and orchids can be seen in the spring. This walk starts in the car park of St. Mary’s Church, and returns to it after 3km/ 1.75 miles.
Please note the walk involves uneven trails, and both uphill and downhill slopes, which can be muddy. Also there are two or three stiles/narrow entrances making it difficult for people with pushchairs and/or wheelchairs. Please keep to the footpaths.
  1. Head towards the lych gate onto Valley Road, crossing over the road to the footpath. Follow this diagonally uphill, through a gate, and across another field to a stile at the entrance to Churchdown Wood.
  2. Follow the path all the way through the woods until you see a field. Turn left, staying within the Wood and follow this path until you reach a field again.
  3. Follow the footpath diagonally down the hill, heading towards the Old Rectory.
  4. Cross over Valley Road and walk a short distance down the entrance road to Corinthians Sports Club, before crossing a stile on your right. Walk through the wooded area, keeping within the markers, until you emerge onto Pennis Lane. Turn left and follow the tarmac lane down through the Corinthians/Gay Dawn Farm complex, past the sports hall.
  5. Follow the marked footpath for a short distance across the golf course, and head up into woods again. Follow this path up to the top, where you make a left hand turn (turning right here would take you to the Ash Rd in Hartley).
  6. Keep following the footpath which heads down through woods and then alongside a horse field, where you pass through two sets of metal gates.
  7. When you reach the end of the path you emerge onto Castle Hill. Turn left and you are back at the meadow behind the church.
aerial photo with route marked in red
Route of Walk One
photo showing churchyard and Lych gate
Step 1
photo of footpath running down a field
Footpath in step 3
photo showing a part of the route
Step 4
photo of stile
Step 4
photo of route
Step 5
photo of route through woods
Step 6
photos of route past field
Step 7
photo of the end of the walk
Step 8