Highways Improvement Plan for Fawkham

 We have just sent our 2024 Highways Improvement Plan (HIP) to Kent County Council’s Highways team. Shown below are brief details of the 6 issues we have highlighted. Please note the HIP only covers improvement issues and not maintenance issues, such as potholes and damaged signs, which are regularly reported.
1. The safety of the walkway to the school from Michaels Lane – there are points without safety fencing where it is very close to the road, and sections where the edges are crumbling.
2. Parking at Small Grains – as the road does not extend to the front of all 10 houses, numbers 1-3 are required to drive across part of the amenity green space to park. This has created deep ruts to the surface and an unsightly appearance to that part of the open space, which is owned by SDC. An informal parking area has been created for numbers 8 -10, although this needs improvement. The draft Neighbourhood Plan for Fawkham includes a proposal for the provision of parking areas for 17 parking spaces (and the necessary turning areas), segregated from the remaining amenity open space by wooden barriers to protect the rest of the amenity green space.
3. Undulating eastern carriageway edge to Valley Road south of Court Lodge, north of Ridgeway – there is a marked series of humps and dips which create a dangerous driving surface. The narrow width of the road here means vehicles need to drive over the humps and dips when two vehicles pass each other.
4. Lack of sufficient sight line at the bottom of Speedgate Hill as you turn onto Valley Road. Traffic coming from the left cannot be seen as there is a building on the corner which completely restricts the view of traffic coming round the bend, even when the vegetation is fully cut back. We have previously been advised that installing a mirror isn’t possible and so we are asking KCC for a possible solution.
5. Lack of sufficient warning of the school – the three existing flashing solar wig wag signs either do not operate effectively/at all or cannot be programmed. Two were installed in 2000 and one in 2010 and we have been advised they are no longer repairable, so we have asked KCC to look into alternatives, such as a solar powered radar speed sign which flashes a vehicle’s speed.
6. Difficulties exiting Small Grains – we have asked KCC to check that emergency vehicles have sufficient room to enter/exit Small Grains from Fawkham Green Road.
We will keep you informed on KCC’s response to these issues.
Fawkham Parish Council