Wildflowers on Baldwin’s Green

You may remember a News post in August asking whether you would like to see wildflowers grown on the triangle area at the bottom of Castle Hill called Baldwin’s Green, where the village sign is. Votes were cast as follows:
Yes, I’d like wild flowers here – 45
No, keep it grass as it is – 5
I don’t mind – 2
As can be seen, there was a clear majority in favour. Fawkham Parish Council is now taking steps, along with those who volunteered, to prepare the area and sow the seeds. We will use a 70:30 split of perennial wild flowers to cornfield annuals. The cornfield annuals should flower next year, with most of the perennials following the year after. A strip of grass will be kept around the outside of the area and the daffodil, crocus and tulip bulbs already planted will remain and continue to bloom in the spring.
We will keep an eye on things to make sure the flowers don’t grow too high and they will be cut back if they create a risk to road users. Due to the way a wild flower meadow is managed, the site may look a little bare in winter, and a little untidy at times, but please bear with us. We can always revert back to grass in the future if we prefer it!
Thank you,
Fawkham Parish Council