photo of a Manor House

Planning application to redevelop Fawkham Manor

photo of a Manor House
Fawkham Manor

A planning application for Fawkham Manor Hospital has been submitted, which involves converting the Victorian manor house into 8 flats, demolishing the two hospital wings and replacing them with 12 apartments and 12 townhouses spread over three blocks. The proposal is to create 12 x 4 bed, 19 x 2 bed and 1 x 3 bed dwellings, 32 in total. The plans include removal of various outbuildings, some tree removal, and landscape works. No new access roads are proposed.

Full details can be found on Sevenoaks DC’s website under reference 20/02299:
Comments can be made on the proposals until 21st September. Key documents to look at include the Design & Access Statement, the Planning Statement and the various site plans. There are further documents available including ones covering Transport, Heritage, Landscape and  Ecology.
As the Parish Council, we are not opposed to the principle of the hospital site being redeveloped, but need to assess what is being proposed with this application. We are very interested to hear and understand your views on this proposal, so that we can take a steer from our parishioners before we submit our response to the consultation – you can email us on: We will also endeavour to (socially distance) meet with people who live close the site. We will publish more information here once all the documentation submitted with the application has been assessed, which includes the impact on the surrounding ancient woodland, the proposed design on the new blocks, car parking and access. A virtual Parish Council Meeting, open to the public via Zoom, was held to discuss this proposal on 8th September.
For your information, an application for the listing of the Manor House has been made by the Parish Council, to ensure the building’s historical and architectural significance is recognised, although no decision has yet been made by Historic England. Details of the reasons for the application can be read here.
Fawkham Parish Council