Millwall Training Ground – Questions & Answers

Millwall FC proposed training ground – Fawkham Parish Council asked some questions about this and received the following answers from the CEO, which we thought we would share with you:
Community use 
Q. We would also be grateful if you could clarify whether the training facilities themselves will be available for community/school/local children to use? We see from the information available online that you are “aiming to develop an extensive programme of activities for the community, taking place within the community itself rather than at the new training ground,” whereas we had thought from your previous email that the training facilities were envisaged “being utilised, on an exclusive basis, by the community (for example local schools) as part of a tailored community outreach programme”.
A. On the point on Community engagement, in short our Community scheme will work using out-reach programmes going into schools and community initiatives to deliver the schemes we have developed over the years and adapt these to the future needs of the area and its Community. Part of this will allow for exclusive access to schools and communities for use of certain facilities on a reward/ project basis, using the site as an aspirational tool rather than it being a local gym hub centre.
Land east of the M20 on Crowhurst Lane 
Q. Included in the purchase is c.50 acres of land to the east of the M20. We would be grateful if you could advise whether you have any further information about your plans for it.
A. The field the other side of the M20 is owned by us but is not covered by the planning application and is outside the red line.  We have entered a long lease with the existing farmer to continue to farm the land.