Fawkham Manor Listing

I’m pleased to let you know that our application to have Fawkham Manor listed has been successful.
The principal reasons for the decision for listing Fawkham Manor, designed in 1866-1867 by E B Lamb at Grade II are shown below, and full details of the listing came found on Historic England’s website:…/the…/list-entry/1472809
We understand that the planning application will now take this listed building status into account, with a decision expected by January.
Architectural interest:
  • as a striking example of Victorian domestic architecture, reflecting a transition from the Gothic revival to a style informed by vernacular building traditions;
  • for its quality of materials, detail and craftsmanship applied to picturesque massing;
  • as a work which both typifies the idiosyncratic creativity of E B Lamb, and demonstrates his continuing inventiveness into the late stages of his career;
  • an externally little-altered work by a significant architect of the C19
Historic interest:
  • as one of E B Lamb’s last architectural works and a highly personal one designed for his own occupation.

Kind regards


Laura Evans

Chair, Fawkham Parish Council

photo of a Manor House
Fawkham Manor