Fawkham Against Fly Tipping

As local residents you will all be aware of the nuisance and disruption that fly tipping can cause to our village. Unfortunately, since lockdown we have seen an increase in fly tipping incidents in Fawkham and the surrounding areas.

Fawkham Parish Council, in conjunction with Sevenoaks District Council and our Kent County Council representative (David Brazier), have set up an action group – Fawkham Against Fly Tipping. The purpose of this group is to look at what can be done to reduce the number of fly tipping incidents in our village and the surrounding area. We understand that it would be virtually impossible to eradicate all incidents however we feel that certain measures could lead to a reduction and move the problem away from our village and the surrounding areas.

With this in mind we are working with the Sevenoaks District Council Fly Tipping enforcement team, placing fly tipping signs in the village and placing cameras in suitable locations.

In order to reduce fly tipping, we do need your help. It has been proven that the most effective method to help reduce fly tipping is to report the incident to Sevenoaks District Council directly. If you see an incident we would encourage you to report it (preferably with a photo) to Sevenoaks District Council by clicking on or calling 01732 227 000. Please let us know too, either by posting on the Fawkham community facebook page or by emailing

This method was proven to be effective recently in School Lane. This area was heavily fly tipped on a number of occasions. The members of Fawkham bridleway Facebook group reported all the incidents directly to Sevenoaks District Council and even managed to give a description of the vehicle involved. Due to all of this information the Sevenoaks District enforcement team have identified an individual and are progressing with their enquiries.